Hundreds of Team Garcetti Volunteers Turn Out for Re-Election, to Help the Homeless

Team Garcetti held a major volunteer event in the run up to the March 7 election on Saturday, January 28. About 400 people took time from their weekends to support Mayor Eric Garcetti’s re-election, to pick up signs, stickers and buttons for themselves and their neighbors, and to help assemble 250 kits of household items for those moving from the streets and into the care of the LA LGBT Center. 

#TeamGarcetti Volunteer Event

Mayor Garcetti told his supporters that this campaign -- like his Administration -- is not about talk, but action. 

“I ask you in this moment, when you turn on the news and it seems depressing: Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to join hands together and do the work?” he said. “It’s not just what we say, it’s what we do. I'm running for Mayor again to make L.A. work for everyone -- no matter how much they earn, where they come from or what they look like.” 

"We've been setting records when it comes to the fundamentals of a big city, such as employment and road paving, but we need much more. I am going to work hard for every vote because I want to keep getting things done. We have done mighty things. I never sugarcoat the problems that we have left, but I never understate how far we’ve come."

Among the accomplishments cited by Mayor Garcetti were the passage of Measure M to ease congestion and improve transit; the passage of Proposition HHH to build permanent supportive housing for the homeless; the record levels of Port of Los Angeles cargo, travelers through LAX and tourists in our city set in 2016; raising L.A.'s minimum wage to help lift 600,000 Angelenos from poverty; and addressing a bedrock of L.A.'s middle class by leading the passage of state legislation to bring Hollywood jobs back home.