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A Record of Accomplishment

I'm running again for Mayor to keep getting things done. Together, we have raised the minimum wage, lowered the business tax, and brought Hollywood jobs home. We also passed the nation's boldest transportation plan and a groundbreaking initiative to house L.A.'s homeless.

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LA League of Conservation Voters

“Eric Garcetti has a longtime environmental champion with an extraordinary record of making LA work for the people he represents ... Mayor Garcetti has integrated sustainability into every… (more)

Sheikh Jibran

I am supporting the Mayor because of what he has done for my community. He has reduced unemployment and he has made great advances in the community.

Kimberly Daniel

I am showing our daughter that each person can make a difference - in part by choosing leaders who work to improve life for all of us. Eric shares my progressive views on the strength of… (more)

Ron Smith


Ali Tweini

Mayor Eric Garcetti is the people's mayor. Mayor Eric Garcetti cares about all communities and cares about our veterans. Mayor Eric Garcetti was one of the first mayors to sign the $15.00… (more)