#GoBigLA: Measure M

The Nation's Largest Infrastructure Plan: 465,000 Jobs, 15% Less Time Stuck in Traffic

Traffic congestion doesn’t begin or end at L.A.’s city limits. That’s why from the first day of his Administration, Mayor Garcetti started reaching out across all 88 cities in L.A. County to build a historic coalition of chambers of commerce, labor organizations, Republicans and Democrats, environmentalists, social justice advocates and commuters.

After three-and-a-half years of tough work, the result was the November 8 passage of Measure M - The Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, with an unprecedented 71.5 percent of the vote.

Measure M represents the nation’s boldest and largest infrastructure plan, with $120 billion to fix freeway bottlenecks, build new rail lines, and make earthquake retrofits to bridges and overpasses. The Measure will create 465,000 new jobs and will spark economic growth in every part of L.A. County.

Here’s a look at Measure M and the historic coalition behind it:

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#GoBigLA: Measure M

Let's recap. L.A. with Mayor Garcetti led on Measure M and delivered:

$120 billion -- nation’s largest infrastructure plan

  • 465,000 new jobs
  • 15% less time stuck in traffic

Reduces traffic immediately by repairing potholes and repaving local streets

Keeps senior, disabled and student fares affordable

Earthquake retrofits for bridges and overpasses

Passed by an unprecedented 71.15% of the vote


That's going big.
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