#GoBigLA: Housing Our Homeless

Creating lasting solutions for Angelenos and our neighborhoods

Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles is no longer seeking to “address” homelessness or “manage” homelessness. Our city is now focused on ending chronic homelessness in L.A. and as a result, we are now deploying $1 billion to build 10,000 units of housing for homeless Angelenos.

Mayor Garcetti has led the effort to organize government, service providers and the business community around an action plan that pairs housing with services. It’s not enough simply provide shelter. To create lasting change in people’s lives and keep them permanently off the streets, we must tackle the root causes of homelessness with mental health care, job training, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence help, and more. That’s why voting for Measure H on March 7 is so important -- it is the mechanism to provide those critical services.

Here's how we're working to end chronic homelessness in L.A:

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#GoBigLA: Housing our homeless

Let's recap. By focusing on ending chronic homelessness, L.A. with Mayor Garcetti:

Since 2014:

  • Homeless housed: 23,839
  • Homeless veterans housed: 7,788


  • 32% reduction in veterans’ homelessness
  • Passed Proposition HHH  -- $1 billion and 10,000 units of housing for the homeless 


  • Fighting for Measure H -- $3.5 billion for homeless services 
  • Leading the fight against Measure S

“Measure S would make it harder to address homelessness. Vote no.” 
Los Angeles Times editorial, 2/11/17

That's big. Let's go bigger.
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