#GoBigLA: Jobs

Leading the nation on employment & commerce

Mayor Garcetti has led L.A. to outpace the nation on jobs, with our unemployment rate cut in half and 170,000 new businesses starting up. L.A. today has more jobs since the unrest of 1992, and 2016 was a record year for cargo through the Port of L.A., travelers through LAX and tourism across our city.  We're on the right track, and on March 7, we need your vote so we can build on our progress and keep working together to get things done for L.A.

Spin through some of our accomplishments -- click the arrows in this gallery:

#GoBigLA: Jobs

Let's recap. Since taking office in 2013, L.A. with Mayor Garcetti:

  • Cut unemployment in half

  • Enacted L.A.'s largest-ever business tax cut

  • Won access to $1.4 billion program for local manufacturers

  • Tripled L.A.'s youth jobs program

  • Slashed red tape and deployed technology

  • More than 170,000 new businesses created

  • Led the nation on international trade

  • 2016: a record year for cargo through the Port of L.A.; travelers through LAX; and tourism across our city

That's going big. Let's spread the word: #GoBigLA

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