L.A. is doing big things with Mayor Eric Garcetti, and we're sharing some our top accomplishments together with key facts and graphics for sharing with the hashtag #GoBigLA.

#GoBigLA: Jobs

Mayor Garcetti has led L.A. to outpace the nation on jobs, with our unemployment rate cut in half and 170,000 new businesses starting up. L.A. today has more jobs since the unrest of 1992, and 2016 was a record year for cargo through the Port of L.A., travelers through LAX and tourism across our city. That's going big.

#GoBigLA: Minimum Wage

Affecting 600,000 L.A. workers, Mayor Garcetti’s minimum wage policy represents the largest anti-poverty program in L.A. history -- it will help working parents raise their families' standard of living, broadens opportunities for their children, and injects new spending into our city’s economy.

#GoBigLA: Bringing Hollywood Jobs Home

Mayor Eric Garcetti spearheaded the effort to triple California's filming incentive program and bring $1.7 billion in production and 50,000 entertainment jobs back home to L.A., where they belong.

#GoBigLA: Housing Our Homeless

Under Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles is no longer seeking to “address” homelessness or “manage” homelessness. Our city is now focused on ending chronic homelessness in L.A. and as a result, we are now deploying $1 billion to build 10,000 units of housing for homeless Angelenos.

#GoBigLA: Measure M

Traffic congestion doesn’t begin or end at L.A.’s city limits. That’s why from the first day of his Administration, Mayor Garcetti started reaching out across all 88 cities in L.A. County to build a historic coalition of chambers of commerce, labor organizations, Republicans and Democrats, environmentalists, social justice advocates and commuters.