Tell Mellody Hobson & George Lucas why you believe the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum belongs in Los Angeles #WhyLucasInLA

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Dear Ms. Mellody Hobson & Mr. George Lucas,

I’m excited about your plan to build the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum. This center presents such an amazing opportunity to inspire creativity, especially in our youth. We'd like you to consider opening your museum in a place where its impact can be amplified like no other, Los Angeles.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and the residents of Los Angeles

Here are some reasons my fellow Angelenos and I have for #WhyLucasInLA:

Heart of our city. More than a tourist spot, we’re offering a space in famous Expo Park near dinosaurs and a spaceship #WhyLucasInLA
Education for all our kids. Every student in LA can visit, giving us 640,000+ chances a year to inspire the next great creator #WhyLucasInLA
Everyone in. Building in a diverse community allows all our youth to see arts & entertainment as part of their world #WhyLucasInLA
A global hub. Home to a thriving downtown with awarded food, art, music & culture, LA welcomes 42.2M visitors a year #WhyLucasInLA
Creativity Thrives Here. LA is the creative capital of the world. We nurture and create storytellers #WhyLucasInLA

@samkbushyan #WhyLucasInLA because we have the #BestCollectors in #LA @Georgelucas66 @LAMayorsOffice @kdleon @MitchOFarrell 

@jondearing Because legend has it that Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes got their start at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood #WhyLucasInLA 

@Lisita_Marie Because how could you say no to this? #WhyLucasinLA #LAMayor

@studiodecarlos I'd like to say to all fathers out there in the universe. Greetings from   

@doubletap415 Mr Lucas, build your Museum in LA where we take pride in serving our communities.    

@RepKarenBass Joining with to urge the Lucas Museum of Cultural Arts be built in Los Angeles.  

@jimmygreenway Queen Amidala's wardrobe, Norman Rockwell & Space Shuttle Endeavour in the heart of L.A.? Yes, please!  

@LadyMRod LA has the most diversity of food and culture #WhyLucasinLA#lamayor

@MakerThings LA Makers of Things of course it's got to be here! We're creating a story right here :)

@lylamerle  Because even robots love our beaches!

@LA2050 Because has the highest concentration of working artists and arts professionals in the US!  

@IndieFilmBen We'll get these plans delivered to in lightspeed!

@POCuts Because LA has tons of bars that look like this  

@LangersDeli Mr. Lucas, build your museum celebrating the art of storytelling in LA. #WhyLucasInLA @ericgarcetti


@dalitsaad: The best food trucks in the world will be waiting outside of your museum. #WhyLucasInLA

@treeplethora: The Force is Strongest in Los Angeles!!! #WhyLucasInLA

@thatdudegruz: Forget the car, take the train! There’s a metro stop right next to the museum. #WhyLucasInLA

@Carlafernandez: Your work has inspired so many amazing storytellers. Help inspire all the kids of LA! #WhyLucasInLA

@seemz00: Don't make the Lucas Museum just a tourist destination, make it a learning center where it can reach the most kids #WhyLucasInLA

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