Councilman Eric Garcetti outlines his vision for L.A.

SOURCE: Los Angeles Wave

INGLEWOOD — L.A. City mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti showed off some impressive breakdance moves here Friday night when he sat for a one-on-one radio interview.

Garcetti, the former L.A. City Council president, who represents the 13th district, was interviewed at The Savoy Entertainment Center by media entrepreneur Starlett Quarles as part of her conversation series.

Quarles brought up Garcetti’s love of hip hop early on in the conversation and invited him to show her his moves, which he did to the delight of the small audience who came out.

Meanwhile, as for his political credentials, in a 90 minute chat he stressed his commitment to creating jobs, fostering technology and entrepreneurism among urban youth and bringing inclusive government.

“I want to be known as the first hi-tech Mayor for all of Los Angeles,” he said.

“I want to see some of our partners build out wi-fi centers in every school we have so they become the hub of the community and people can come for free wi-fi close to their schools.

He added: “I want to make sure we’re teaching the Internet and computer programming in our schools. How do we bridge that digital divide? We make sure that the next twitter comes out of South L.A. or that there’s a kid in Boyle Heights who already knows how to use all the gadgets, but doesn’t have the training, could produce the next youtube.

“That’s going to happen here when we teach entrepreneurism. We can close the digital divide by giving them tools, training and technology at an early age.”

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