Walk the Walk for Eric Garcetti!

This campaign is fueled by the enthusiasm of our supporters. On Sunday, January 27th, a group of volunteers will participate in a walk for L.A.'s future. By pledging your support to one of our walkers, you'll be helping ensure that our campaign has the resources to spread Eric's message of a city that works to every corner of Los Angeles. Click the pictures below to see why these volunteers are walking and pledge your support today!

Cooper_1_.jpeg  Ted_Richane_Headshot_medium_.jpg  meredith.jpg  

        Cooper Bates          Ted Richane    Meredith Blake


DSC_1176.JPG  Jeremy_Langer.jpg kantarjian.jpg Feeley_Headshot_small.jpeg

Jon Rosenbloom        Jeremy Langer        Tony Kantarjian       Sarah Feeley

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