Thank you and Election Night Remarks

It's been a whirlwind. Because of your support, we've made it through the primary. I am humbled and grateful for everything. 

Our work isn't over. Now we're in the runoff, and we have even more to do. It also means that we have to start from scratch financially and we are relying on your continued help. If you are able, please consider chipping in

Thank you. 

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Eric Garcetti Election Night Remarks, 3/5/2013

Friends, fellow angelenos:  

Our work’s not over yet.  But we got the most votes tonight.  And i sure like our chances on may 21st. 

I'm ready. I’m ready to work as hard as it takes, to get up as early as it takes, and to give everything i’ve got to earn a powerful victory this may.  Make no mistake: we’re going to win this race, and that’s how we’re going to do it.

You see, i got into public service to get la back to basics -- to do the hard but essential work that makes a good city great: creating jobs, fighting crime, fixing streets and sidewalks, making a difference block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, all across the city of Los Angeles.

So if you’re looking for plain old problem-solving instead of pontificating, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want someone who rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done; who cut violent crime in his council district by two thirds; who made sure there’s an after school program for every single school; who tripled the number of parks from 16 to 47  -- that’s 31 new parks in the council district with the least amount of land – then my campaign is your campaign.

And i need you to join with me in this runoff.  I need you to work with me – for a city that actually works, for all of us.  I need you to lead with me – toward a city hall that’s not some distant monument, but a workshop for solutions, a place where broken things get fixed, once and for all.

There’s a reason we’re gathered here in hollywood – a neighborhood that was run down and written off when i started representing it; a neighborhood that stood for everything wrong in this city, and everything that needed to be made right again.

Let others make the sweeping promises.  Let others sell you rhetoric backed up by phony numbers.  I just want you to look around.   What you’ll see is something called a record –-

--of businesses that are thriving because government got off their backs and on their side.

--of streets that are safe, and vibrant, and filled with the families and tourists that for too long had stayed away.

--of real pension reform, and responsible budget-cutting – so we can afford to make our neighborhoods everything they should be.

And it’s not just hollywood – it’s echo park, silver lake, and atwater village.   We transformed this council district -- and today it’s ranked number one in job growth by the chamber of commerce.

I’d like to say it’s all because genius and charisma.  But it isn’t.   It’s a simple matter of rolling up your sleeves and getting back to basics.  With your help and hard work, that’s what i’m gonna do all across this city as your next mayor.

I have a jobs first agenda for our city -- to create 20,000 new green jobs, and establish one-stop job training and placement centers at our community colleges;

To teach our kids the languages that help them compete economically -- not just foreign languages, but computer languages too;

To protect vocational education centers, like the aviation training center in van nuys – so our kids can get good jobs that don’t require a college degree.

But before we can get there, this city has a real choice to make.

It’s a choice between identifying problems and actually solving them.

It’s a choice between rosy promises and proven results -- like the neighborhood that’s been reborn, right outside these doors.

And it’s a choice between a mayor’s office that’s bought and paid for by the power brokers at the dwp union ... Or a mayor’s office that’s truly of the people, by the people, and for the people of los angeles.  That’s the office i intend to fill.

I want to close tonight by thanking jan perry, who reminded us that government works best when it works within its means;

Kevin james, who challenged us with respect and intelligence and wit;

Emanuel pleitez, who brought a crucial private sector perspective to this public debate... La needs all of them, let’s thank them for their service and their selflessness...

And above all, i want to congratulate my friend wendy greuel on her remarkable showing tonight.  She cares deeply about this city.  And that’s why i know she’s going to be a formidable opponent in this runoff, someone who helps to elevate the debate in the days and weeks ahead.

Let’s enjoy tonight.  But then let’s get back to the real work of this campaign.  And let’s never forget why we’re in this race: to dream big, of course.  But to always take care of the basics first.

Thank you.  God bless you.  On to victory on may 21st!

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