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State of the Race

To: Interested Parties
From: Garcetti for Mayor
Date: 2/4/13 
Re: State of the race

With voting by mail starting today and with Election Day four weeks away, we wanted to update you on Eric's campaign.

Eric is in a very strong position to make the runoff.

POLLING: Eric has led in every one of the five independent polls of this race reported on by the media. The latest poll, released on Thursday by ABC news, showed Eric ahead of his nearest competitor by 4 points:

Garcetti    24%
Greuel      20%
Perry       15%
James      12%
Margin of Error: +/- 4.8%

The pollster noted that “all interviews were completed before a Los Angeles Times news story 01/31/13 raised questions about Greuel's cost-savings claims, and before subsequent press conferences in reaction to that LA Times news story.”  Here is the poll:

FUNDRAISING: Eric leads both in terms of total funds raised and has $1 million more cash on hand than any other candidate to spend on television. This Thursday, the campaign is organizing one of the largest fundraisers in city election history at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, with a performance by Moby, Jimmy Kimmel and a special video appearance by Will Ferrell. Read more about Thursday’s big event here:

CREDIBILITY: Wendy Greuel claims to have identified millions in "waste, fraud and abuse," that represents her record as controller and her core campaign message. Her claims have now been discredited by the L.A. Times, NPR and other media outlets: L.A. TimesKTLAKNBCKABCKCBSKCALKTLA.

GRASSROOTS: Garcetti earned huge endorsements this past week from the Sierra Club, UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles), the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the Los Angeles County Young Democrats. He has been endorsed by organizations including the California NOW (National Organization of Women), the Mexican-American Bar Association, the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles - PAC, the Los Angeles Port Police Officers Association (CQ,), Teamsters Joint Council 42, Communications Workers of America, Southern California Council, and Ironworkers Local 433. In addition, Eric has won the vast majority of Democratic clubs from every corner of the city, including the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV), Northeast Democrats, and Westside and Harbor Area Democrats.

ONLINE: Eric continues to lead in social media. He has the most followers on Facebook and Twitter and is leveraging online tools to communicate our message, organize volunteers, and raise money.

Thanks to Garcetti’s incredible and generous supporters, our campaign is in a strong position. Eric is the best candidate in this race. He has a proven record of creating jobs and solving problems, and he has the boldest ideas to lead LA as our next mayor.

Now, we need to finish strong.  And we will.

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