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Garcetti Calls for Solar Rooftop Expansion

For Immediate Release
January 28, 2013
Contact: Jeff Millman

Garcetti Instrumental In L.A.'s Already Largest-in-Nation Solar Rooftop Program to Create Jobs, Achieve His Goal of a Nuclear and Coal Free DWP

Los Angeles - Eric Garcetti today said that as mayor he would power L.A. with a 1,200 megawatt solar rooftop program.

Garcetti's proposal for the larger 1,200 megawatt program comes after a successful launch of L.A.'s solar rooftop pilot program.  Data collected and positive feedback from customers and businesses suggests that the city can expand the program to 1,200 megawatts.

Garcetti was instrumental in L.A.'s current 100 megawatt solar rooftop program (the nation's largest solar rooftop program) and previously announced a plan to implement, as mayor, a 600 megawatt program to create 20,000 jobs as Mayor (  That program would be joined by a new, separate program to generate an additional 600 megawatts by putting solar panels on city government buildings, administrative actions to streamline solar permitting and implementing Proposition 39 to put solar at our schools, and other measures.

"It makes environmental and economic sense for the DWP to power the city with clean energy generated right here in L.A. instead of importing fossil fuel electricity from out of state," Garcetti said. "If they can do 1,200 megawatts in Ontario, Canada, we can do it here in L.A. This will create thousands of jobs and help reach my goal of making DWP coal and nuclear free."

UCLA, Environment California, Sierra Club, LABC, and Communities for a Better Environment all support a 1,200 megawatt solar rooftop program. Their research shows that it's a bold goal, but one that is achievable and past due in Los Angeles, with our abundant sunshine and rooftop availability.


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