Garcetti Opens Significant Fundraising Lead

Has Won Every Fundraising Period - Has $354K More Than Nearest Competitor

With the latest campaign finance filings, Eric Garcetti has led every fundraising period in this election, and now those leads have built into a significant cash advantage.  Garcetti leads Wendy Greuel by $354,020 in cash on hand minus debts and leads Jan Perry by $2,160,242.

See fundraising chart:


Garcetti has not only outraised Greuel, he has also spent much less.  Greuel has now spent over $1 million before a single television ad has aired.  Her expenses are $238,198 higher than Garcetti's.

Greuel also has $121,536 in outstanding debts, higher than Garcetti.

Add it all up, and Garcetti has $354,020 more than Greuel to use to reach voters with his agenda to solve problems in LA.  It's a big advantage.

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