Online Organizing Instructions


  1. Create an account on You can do that at the online organizing page, or here.
  2. Go to the online Voter ID page.
  3. The Voter ID page uses a personal tracking link tied to your account on You can copy the link, or use the built-in tools to share it via your social networks of choice. 
  4. As your friends and family click through the link, they'll be taken to a page asking them to pledge their vote to Eric. As they pledge their support, you'll earn points and, eventually, appear on our leader board. The more people you recruit, the more points you earn.  




  • Personal messages are better. Just tweeting or posting to Facebook is less effective than sending a Direct Message or personal email. 
  • If someone needs convincing, you can find more information about Eric here. But the most effective messages come from the heart. Talk about why you support Eric, and why you think this election is important enough that you are reaching out. 
  • Be persistent -- don't hesitate to follow up with someone if you don't hear anything. 



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