Record and Agenda

Eric Garcetti is running for Mayor to create jobs and solve problems for L.A. residents, and brings to the race a track record of delivering proven results in the neighborhoods he represents and citywide. The L.A. Times endorses him and says Garcetti is "the best choice for Mayor."

Creating Jobs

Eric is focused on creating jobs to help L.A. families pay the bills and to generate revenues to balance the budget and deliver better public services. The Los Angeles chamber of commerce ranks Eric’s council district number one in job growth. You can see the results in the dramatic turnarounds in neighborhoods like Hollywood and Echo Park.

Eric will lead an agenda to grow our strengths like small business, manufacturing, trade, tourism, entertainment and health care, and to prepare L.A. for the jobs of tomorrow in technology and clean energy.

Eric has put forward detailed solutions to create jobs that set him apart in this campaign:

  • A specific plan to create tens-of-thousands of jobs in his first term through solar installation, increasing energy efficiency in buildings and cleaning our water.  Eric has already led the way by authoring the nation’s largest green building ordinance and spearheading L.A.’s nation-leading solar rooftop initiative.
  • A detailed agenda to reform L.A.’s cumbersome job training system to connect people with training and employers looking to hire skilled workers. Eric has already delivered results through the Healthcare Career Ladder at Los Angeles City College, which connects job-seekers with training and local hospital jobs.
  • Creating partnerships to make sure our kids are learning the languages they need to compete -- not just foreign languages, but computer programming languages too.
  • Establishing a new office to partner with L.A.- area colleges and universities so L.A. benefits like the Silicon Valley does from nearby institutions such as Stanford and U.C. Berkeley.
  • Creating a new dedicated team to bring overseas investments (EB5) to L.A.

Solving Problems

Eric is a practical problem solver who will reform City Hall so it does the basics better, like answering phones, filling potholes and picking up trash. When we get the basics right, we make life better for families and make growth possible.

It shouldn’t take a lobbyist to open a business in L.A., but until Eric acted, there was no single place just to get the required forms. Now, you can get city, county, state and federal paperwork in seconds on Eric’s website.

Eric also deployed the city’s first constituent services “app,” so people can get problems like graffiti and potholes from the palms of their hands – anytime, anywhere, no transfers or waiting on hold.

To focus City Hall on solving problems for L.A. residents and businesses, Eric will:

  • Require all department heads to reapply for their positions on day one
  • Create new public performance-based metrics to hold managers accountable to making every department faster, more responsive and more efficient.
  • Appoint the city’s first true Chief Technology Officer to continuously push government forward with new tools to improve problem solving and customer service.

Proven Results

Through Eric’s leadership, neighborhoods like Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake and Atwater Village have been dramatically revitalized. The Los Angeles chamber of commerce ranks Eric’s council district number one in job growth, and Eric worked to cut violent crime by 2/3, triple the number of parks and ensure there is an after school program for every school. Citywide, Eric stepped forward when others wouldn’t to make the tough decisions on pension reform and balancing the budget, and to create the city’s independent ratepayer advocate to serve as a watchdog over the DWP.

  • Authored the nation's widest-reaching green building ordinance, the nation's largest local clean water initiative, and legislation leading to the nation’s largest solar rooftop program to create healthier neighborhoods and position L.A. for clean technology and energy jobs.
  • Spearheaded the nation's largest housing trust fund, the nation's first tenant foreclosure eviction moratorium and an ordinance to fine banks $1,000 a day when they neglect foreclosed homes and create neighborhood blight
  • Led unprecedented pension reforms to save hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars
  • Created the DWP ratepayer advocate and a ballot initiative to ensure transparency and accountability at the nation's largest public utility
  • Created an innovative graffiti census and resident "block captain" program that cut graffiti in his district by almost 80 percent and was recognized as a finalist for the National League of Cities' Award for Municipal Excellence
  • Deployed License 123 on his website, creating for the first time a single place people can go to find the various paperwork needed to open a business
  • Deployed the city's first constituent services "smart phone app," which allows residents to snap a picture of graffiti or a pothole and report them for city action anytime, anywhere – no waiting on hold and no call center infrastructure. The phone's GPS automatically sends location information.
  • Launched an innovative program to keep parks open late at night, staffed and with programs during the summer when school is out. Today, more than 700,000 youth are served and gang crime is down 40% at 32 citywide locations
  • Created groundbreaking agreements with LAUSD to open school fields to the community during non-school hours. In order to efficiently increase green space, agreements called for the district and the city to share costs for facilities to be used by both LAUSD students and community members
  • Directly engaged his constituents with city government by creating the LAND initiative, Clean and Connected Communities, and other efforts that allow residents to choose which neighborhood projects should be funded by the city. Also established leadership courses like Government 101, Budget 101 and Land Use 101 that have trained over 1,000 Angelenos to advocate for their communities
  • Helped put 800 more LAPD officers on the street and stopped the plan to furlough officers
  • Stopped LAFD from being cut by more than 300 firefighter positions

Dramatic Neighborhood Turnarounds

Hollywood, after decades of decline, has turned the corner and is back. Bloomberg News recently reported that despite the tough economy, Hollywood is seeing more investment today than it did during the boom years – more investment than it's seen in four decades, in fact

  • Sunset Magazine calls Silver Lake one of our ''hottest shopping destinations'' because of its thriving small independent businesses
  • Details Magazine picked Atwater Village as one of its  six hottest emerging neighborhoods and the L.A. Times wrote that the neighborhood is ''no longer on the verge of success – it's already thriving''
  • Echo Park was named by the American Planning Association as one of the nation's 10 ''Great Places''

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