Joe Connolly, The Graffiti Guerrilla (Posted by Jeri Connolly)

Joe's passion for our city started on the 2nd night of the April 1992 riots when he ran into a burning building and rescued 30 people.  Since then he has created a program, endorsed by several of the folks nominated on these pages that can impact over $250 million dollars of our city budget.  He has been the face of the anti-graffiti movement WORLDWIDE for 22 years, and considered by many to be the leading expert in this arena--over $13 billion  dollars is spent annually on graffiti abatement.  He has singlehandledly saved thousands of kids from a criminal life, while possibly saving our city and county over $50 million dollars.  He has done something that NO ONE in the history of the anti-graffiti movement has never done and that is have an anti-graffiti area for over 20 years.  He has created a program that generates millions of dollars of revenue for the city--and is franchisable to EVERY city in America, while continuing to erase graffiti & crime in his mid-city area; he has painted over one million square feet of graffiti to date while raising over $250,000 for over 20 charities and he has the most Los Angeles Marathon finishes of all time (35).  His mid-city program has environmental, educational, entrepreneurial and community facets that are not featured in ANY municipal area of the country.  Tom LaBonge has called Joe one of Los Angeles biggest assets and he has made, if not the biggest contribution to the City of Los Angeles--as an unpaid volunteer, in the history of Los Angeles, but one of the biggest contributions in the history of this city.  His story doesn't stop here, but I am honored to nominate my husband for Angeleno of the year in 2013.  He dedicates himself to our beloved son, Adam, who passed away in 1999, while on a field trip with LAUSD and he deserves to be highly considered for this honor.      

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