A Champion for the Environment

An Unmatched Leader on the Environment

Eric Garcetti is a passionate fighter for a healthier and greener Los Angeles through groundbreaking and nation-leading initiatives to clean our air and water, decrease dependence on fossil fuels, increase energy efficiency, tackle climate change, and build parks.

As a City Councilmember, Eric has delivered real results for the Environment:

  • Authored the nation's widest-reaching green building ordinance
  • Authored legislation making Los Angeles the nation's largest city with a solar feed in tariff
  • Authored Los Angeles' solar zoning ordinance to accelerate solar installation
  • Introduced legislation to spark DWP to disconnect from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
  • Co-authored the nation's largest local clean water initiative, which directs $500 million to clean and protect our ocean, beaches, wetlands, lakes, rivers and water system
  • Implemented the first complete green streets in Los Angeles. These clean and divert standing water to restore groundwater
  • In the city's smallest district, Garcetti tripled the number of parks from 16 to 47. He also authored legislation to create the Neighborhood Land Trust
  • Created the Council's Energy and Environment Committee – with jurisdiction over both DWP and environmental policy, the committee integrates DWP into the overall strategy to create healthier neighborhoods
  • Authored expansion of Los Angeles' Native Tree Ordinance to ensure vital species are protected
  • Authored the Food and Flowers Freedom Act to promote community gardens and healthy foods
  • Authored legislation to require electric car infrastructure in commercial and multi-family development
  • Authored legislation to fund CicLAvia
  • Deployed car sharing in his district
  • Deployed a smart phone app in his district to reduce congestion by helping drivers quickly get off the road and into open parking spots
  • Installed the city’s first bike “sharrows” in his district
  • Introduced bike sharing legislation
  • Played key roles in passing the city's plastic bag ban and Low Impact Development ordinance
  • Introduced legislation to prompt creation of composting program to divert organic supermarket and restaurant waste from landfills
  • Introduced legislation to create a Coastal Planning Program to protect coastal areas

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