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Entertainment Leaders Line Up Behind Eric Garcetti for Mayor

For Immediate Release:
Jan 30, 2013
Contact: Jeff Millman

More than 200 Hollywood leaders have lined up behind Eric Garcetti’s campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles.  Garcetti has led the way to protect L.A.’s signature industry.  His most recent package of entertainment policy initiatives includes the elimination of city fees for pilot productions.

Eric Garcetti said, “I am proud to have earned support from so many Hollywood leaders.  More than a half-million jobs in our community are tied to our entertainment industry, and I will make sure we are always the entertainment capital of the world."

Michael Eisner said, “I strongly support Eric Garcetti.  He is exactly what Los Angeles needs from our new Mayor.  I have known Eric since he was in high school, on through college, a Rhodes Scholar, and City Council president.  If anybody knows LA and how it runs and how to run it, Eric does.”

David Nevins, President of Entertainment at Showtime, said, “Eric understands the needs of Hollywood and the needs of the people who work in our business. He's demonstrated an ability to find practical solutions to the issues faced by our industry and our city as a whole. He is a leader in the truest sense of the word.”

Entertainment lawyer Ken Ziffren said, “Eric will be a great mayor for the media and entertainment  industries.  He has helped to revitalize the neighborhood in Hollywood and is on-track to make the industry one of the centerpieces of LA's economic recovery.  Eric's forward-looking entertainment agenda will provide jobs for Angelenos and position LA to win in the global economy.”

The full list of Garcetti's entertainment industry supporters is available below.

This week, Salma Hayek announced her endorsement of Garcetti with two web videos, available here:

The Garcetti campaign also announced a special fundraising event on February 7 hosted by Moby with special appearances by Jimmy Kimmel and Will Ferrell in Hollywood:

Garcetti’s leadership to protect L.A.’s signature industry includes:

  • Promoting the Entertainment Multimedia Tax Incentive that caps gross receipts taxes on qualified firms in the Hollywood and North Hollywood Redevelopment Areas, and introducing legislation to preserve this incentive after the state dissolved these Redevelopment Areas.

  • Helping establish a Citywide Film Tax Force that convenes department heads to troubleshoot and cut through bureaucracy and authoring legislation encouraging the task force to engage with County and Metro departments.

  • Worked to keep police officers on set and keep security costs down.

  • Protecting areas zoned for entertainment industry use in Hollywood from being converted and lost forever.

  • Working with studios including Paramount, Sunset Gower, and Sunset Bronson to modernize facilities and build new sound stages.

 Garcetti for Mayor Entertainment Supporters (partial list)

Mike Abrams - Agent
Tatyana Ali - Actor
David Ambroz - Entertainment Executive, Disney
Mark Amin - Film Executive
Steve Aoki - Musician/Producer
Evan Arnold - Actor
Eli Attie - Writer/Producer
Irving Azoff - Executive Chairman, Live Nation Entertainment
G.W. Bailey - Actor
Garcelle Beauvais - Actor
Ed Begley Jr. - Actor
Bob Beitcher - CEO, Motion Picture and Television Fund
Adam Belanoff - Producer & Writer
Melinda Benedek - Executive Vice President,  Showtime
Nell Benjamin - Writer & Composer
Matt Berenson - Producer
Erin Berenson - Producer
Jim Berkus - Chairman of United Talent Agency
Marilyn Bitner - Location Manager
Stacey Blake - Director & Hair Stylist
Peter Blake - Television Producer
Barry Blumberg - Marketing Executive
Gina Blumenfeld - Special Projects Executive, Directors Guild of America
Jesse Bochco - Director
Melissa Bochco - Media Professional
Dayna Bochco - Television Producer
Steven Bochco - Television Producer
Mark Borman - Producer
Paul Boydston - Location Manager
Beth Broderick - Actor
Scott Buck - Writer/Producer
Ty Cameron - Agent
Trish Cardoso - Executive, Showtime
Marcy Carsey - Entertainment Executive
Ginna Carter - Actor
Michael Paul Chan - Actor
Sheelin Choksey - Production Manager
John Chuldenko - Film Director
John Claflin - Screenwriter
Mike Clear - Director/Producer
Raymond Cruz - Actor
Quinn Cummings - Actor, Inventor & Author
Jamie Lee Curtis - Actor
Bob Daily - Television Producer
Laurie David - Documentary Producer
Laura Davis - Film Producer
Jonathan Del Arco - Actor
Emmanuel Deleage - Independent Entertainment Professional
Doug DeLuca - Producer
Tony Denison - Actor
Mary Dixie Carter - Writer
Niki Doukas - Actor
David Dozoretz - Visual Effects Supervisor
Fran Drescher - Actor
Brian Duck - Agent
James Duff - Writer, Producer & Director
Michael Duggan - Television Writer & Producer
Lisa Edelstein - Actor
Michael Eisner - Entertainment Entrepreneur
Breck Eisner - Director, Producer & Actor
Georgia Eisner - Writer, Editor & Director
Moctesuma Esparza - Entertainment Executive & Producer
Morgan Fahey - Casting Director
Mike Farrell - Actor & Producer
Erik Feig - Production Executive
Miles Feldman - Entertainment Lawyer
Drew Fellman - Writer & Producer
Jon Feltheimer - CEO, Lions Gate Entertainment
Dan Ferguson - Marketing Executive, DirectTV
Will Ferrell - Actor/Comedian
Dave Fierson - Vice President, Alcon Entertainment
Maile Flanagan - Actor
Gary Fleder - Film Director
Mark Fleischer - Chairman & CEO of Fleischer Studios
Stephanie Fowler - Makeup Artist
Mitchell Frank - Promoter
Jefferson Friedman - Composer
Glenn Gainor - Executive Producer
Troy Garity - Actor
Susan Genco - Music Executive
John Gillespie, Jr. - Writer
Jonathan Glickman - President, MGM Pictures
Dave Goetsch - Television Producer-Writer
Ellen Goldsmith-Vein - Executive Producer; Founder & CEO, Gotham Group
Jonathan Goldstein - Director & Screenwriter
Robert Gossett - Actor
Ari Greenburg - Agent, WME
Jake Gyllenhaal - Actor
Corky Hale - Musician
Richard Hall - Musician
Simbiat Hall - Writer & Director
Chris Hammond - Film Finance and Distribution Executive
Hill Harper - Actor
Salma Hayek - Actor
Lisa Henson - Television & Film Producer
Julie Hermelin - Director
Karen Hermelin - Marketing Professional, Paramount
Hrishikesh Hiriway - Musician
Kevin Huvane - Managing Partner, CAA
Matt Johnson - Entertainment Attorney, Tyler Perry Studios
Shaun Kadlec - Documentary Film Maker
Paiman Kalayeh - Writer & Director
Superna Kalle - Senior Vice President, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Joshua Kamensky - Writer
Ameenah Kaplan - Actor, Director & Producer
Phillip P. Keene - Actor
Danielle Kennedy - Actor
Beth Kennedy - Actor
Tom Kenny - Voice Actor
Jordan Kerner - Producer
Jimmy Kimmel - Television Host & Comedian
Charles King - Agent
Aaron Kogan - Producer
David Kohan - Television Producer
Jenji Kohan - Writer & Producer
Benjamin Kramer - Agent, CAA
Manfred Kuhnert - Artist
Donald Kushner - Producer
Steven Lafferty - Head of Television, CAA
Christine Lakin - Actor
Kim Karp Lappen - Writer
James Lassiter - Producer, Overbrook Entertainment
Harry Lennix - Actor
Thomas Lennon - Actor
Gail Lerner - Television Producer
Arnaud Levy - Entertainment Investment Consultant
Tali Lipa - Production Accountant
Michael Lombardo - Executive, HBO
Josefina Lopez - Playwright
Angel Lopez - Writer
Joel Lubin - Head of Motion Picture Talent, CAA
Marcos Luevanos - Television Writer
Ophir Lupu - Video Game Agent
Adrienne Lusby - Writer
Jamie Alter Lynton - Former Television News Journalist
Michael Lynton - CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
David Lyon - Location Manager
Ocean MacAdams - Television Producer
John Manulis - Film Producer
Jeff Marchelletta - Producer & Actor
Leo Marks - Actor
Mary McDonnell - Actor
Jack McGee - Actor
Joel McHale - Actor/Comedian
Adam McKay - Actor/Comedian
Julia Meltzer - Filmmaker
Margaret Mendelsohn - Television Agent
Matthew Mishory - Writer/Director
Moby - Musician
Gina Monreal - Writer
Soleil Moon Frye - Actor & Director
Toochis Morin - Agent
Ed Moses - Artist
Anita Mothersbaugh - Music Agent
Henry Alonso Myers - Television Writer
Elizabeth Netto - Documentary Maker
Andrea Nevins - Documentary Filmmaker
David Nevins - President of Entertainment, Showtime
David Nickoll - Producer & Writer, Disney Television
Rebecca Ninburg - President, LA Derby Dolls
George Nolfi - Director
David Nutter - Producer & Director
Larry O'Keefe - Composer
Sean O'Keefe - Writer
Mike O'Malley - Actor
Rebecca O'Malley - Writer
Carter Oosterhouse - Television Personality
Joshua Oreck - Filmmaker
Charles "Chuck" Ortner - Partner in Charge of Entertainment Practice, Proskauer Rose
Morris "Mo" Ostin - Record Executive
Michael Ovitz - Agent
Eric Paquette - Entertainment Executive
Scott Pascucci - Music Executive
James Patricof - Film Producer
Chris Payne - Producer
Meeno Peluce - Photographer & Actor
Kal Penn - Actor
P.J. Pesce - Television Director
Michael Pessah - Cinematographer
Jesse Peyronel - Writer
Wally Pfister - Cinematographer
Quan Phung - Producer
Shira Piven - Actor/Comedian
Jeremy Plager - Agent
Jessica Postigo - Screenwriter
Alan Poul - Producer
Dave Pressler - Artist
Jeff Rake - Television Writer
AnnaLea Rawicz - Actor
Paul Richardson - President & CEO, Sundance Cinemas
Talulah Riley - Actor
Victoria Riskin - Television Writer
Tim Robbins - Actor
Michael Robin - Television Producer & Director
Jaime Rodriguez - Television Executive
Rey Rodriguez - Vice President, Legal Affairs, Disney
Vanessa Rojas - Television Writer
Brant Rose - Agent
George Rose - Video Game Consultant
Melissa Rosenberg - Screenwriter
Joe Russo - Director & Producer
Andrew Sacks - Producer
Haroon Saleem - Social Impact Film Producer
Faith Salie - Actor & Producer
Josefa Salinas - Radio Personality
Meredith Salenger - Actor
Jennifer Salke - President NBC-Entertainment
Ken Saltzman - Owner, AndCut!
Chitra Sampath - Television Writer
Pantera Sarah - Promoter
Andy Schuon - Entertainment Executive, Investor & Business Owner
Tony Scudellari - Television Music Executive
Kyra Sedgwick - Actor
Eliot Sekular - Publicist
Naren Shankar - Television Wrier & Producer
Molly Shannon - Actor
Tom Sherak - Actor & Producer
Chris Silbermann - President, ICM
Rachel Silverstein - Video Game Executive
J.K. Simmons - Actor
Amy Smart - Actor
Thad Smith - Entertainment Venue Owner
Michael Smith - Media Executive
Jill Soloway - Writer, Producer & Comedian
Kevin Spacey - Actor
Eric Spiegelman - Producer
Mike Stoller - Producer & Songwriter
Darnell Strom - Talent Agent, CAA
Dan Sturman - Documentary Filmmaker
Lindsay Sturman - Television Producer
Heather Thomas - Actor & Author
Jessica Thomas - Agent
Julie Thompson - Filmmaker
Sarah Timberman - Television Producer
Abby Travis - Musician
Eric Trueheart - Writer
James Valentine - Guitarist, Maroon 5
Zack Van Amburg - President, Sony Pictures Television
Jon Vein - Television Producer
Laurence Walsh - Writer/Producer
Lizzy Weiss - Screenwriter
John Wells - Television Producer
Kristoffer Winter - Actor
Abby Wolf-Weiss - Producer
Mimi Won Techentin - Television Writer
Brian Yorkey - Playwright & Screenwriter
Amy Ziering - Filmmaker
Ken Ziffren - Entertainment Lawyer
Lisa Zwerling - Writer
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