Doing More to Keep Production in Hollywood

As he worked to create jobs and promote economic development in his district, Eric has long been a strong advocate of production jobs. With the right incentives, film and television will continue to be a major industry here in Los Angeles. That's why it was great to see the City Council pass Eric's plan to help keep productions here: 

Hoping to win back production from cities like New York, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday gave the greenlight to a plan to waive fees it charges for TV pilot location shooting, with no charges for the first season of any project that is picked up for series.

The plan was sponsored by City Councilman Eric Garcetti, who is engaged in a race for mayor that has seen contenders elevate the problem of runaway production as an urgent issue for the region as other states sweeten incentives to lure shows.

Read more about Eric's proposal in Variety.

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