Angelenos of the Year

Angeleno of the year 

Los Angeles is home to the greatest assembly of human talent on earth. So many Angelenos are leaders in the arts, athletics, business, innovation, scholarship and community change. As we look back on 2013, who do you think stands out as the Angeleno of the Year? Vote or make your own suggestion below.


Joe Connolly, The Graffiti Guerrilla (Posted by Jeri Connolly)

Joe's passion for our city started on the 2nd night of the April 1992 riots when he ran into a burning building and rescued 30 people.  Since then he has created a program, endorsed by several of the folks nominated on these pages that can impact over $250 million dollars of our city budget.  He has been the face of the anti-graffiti movement WORLDWIDE for 22 years, and considered by many to be the leading expert in this arena--over $13 billion  dollars is spent annually on graffiti abatement.  He has singlehandledly saved thousands of kids from a criminal life, while possibly saving our city and county over $50 million dollars.  He has done something that NO ONE in the history of the anti-graffiti movement has never done and that is have an anti-graffiti area for over 20 years.  He has created a program that generates millions of dollars of revenue for the city--and is franchisable to EVERY city in America, while continuing to erase graffiti & crime in his mid-city area; he has painted over one million square feet of graffiti to date while raising over $250,000 for over 20 charities and he has the most Los Angeles Marathon finishes of all time (35).  His mid-city program has environmental, educational, entrepreneurial and community facets that are not featured in ANY municipal area of the country.  Tom LaBonge has called Joe one of Los Angeles biggest assets and he has made, if not the biggest contribution to the City of Los Angeles--as an unpaid volunteer, in the history of Los Angeles, but one of the biggest contributions in the history of this city.  His story doesn't stop here, but I am honored to nominate my husband for Angeleno of the year in 2013.  He dedicates himself to our beloved son, Adam, who passed away in 1999, while on a field trip with LAUSD and he deserves to be highly considered for this honor.      

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I nominate Mr. Keith Martin

Keith does so much for our community.  He volunteers for the East Side Riders bike club in Watts that keeps kids on bikes and away from gangs and much more.

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Elon Musk

Musk is leading the green and mobility transformation with SolarCity, Tesla and SpaceX bringing jobs and technological innovation to California. Tesla might be a car for the wealthy but Tesla's innovation is pushing the entire automobile industry to rethink dependence on fossil fuels. Musk has also presented an open source platform for hyperloop, a potentially viable alternative to the disastrous high speed rail (150 year old technology) program that appears to be unable to meet voter expectations.  Like many Angelenos, Musk was born and raised elsewhere but he chose to make Los Angeles home.

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Keith Ferrazzi and Greenlight Giving Foundation

Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times Bestselling Author of "Never Eat Alone" and "Who's Got Your Back," founded Greenlight Giving Foundation to serve communities in Los Angeles and beyond to bring out their best. Greenlight Giving Foundation has run programs in local Los Angeles high schools that builds self-esteem and relational skills among inner-city youth through musical projects. Among the foundation's other projects are service trips to Guatemala and a life skills program in various universities. 

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Sharyn Romano Founder of HBT LA

Sharyn Romano founded Hollywood Beautification Team in Los Angeles out of the trunk of her car. She paints out millions of miles of graffiti, plants trees, runs programs for at-risk kids, is a gentle giant in making the gang-related graffiti go away.  She has a heart of gold and is an unsung hero of Los Angeles. I have served on her event committee in the past and it is humbling to see how people will move mountains for this worthy cause because Sharyn is so inspiring.

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Maureen Kindel

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Glen Dake

For his tireless dedication to making Los Angeles a greener and more livable community through his work, volunteer efforts and philanthropy!

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Harbor Area Volunteer Eleanor Montano

Eleanor Montano has served her community for over 60 yrs volunteering with the LAPD and the County of L.A serving on numerous boards and commissions including LAPD Board of Rights, Hispanic Advisory Council, Community Advisory Council, Youth Authority Advisory Council, Mothers and Men Against Gangs president, Women Against Gun Violence, member of the Community Police Advisory Board, Industrial Planning and Port of Los Angeles Community Advisory Council, Board of Directors with the Wilmington Boys and Girls Club, Rebuild L.A., San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Crime Prevention Specialist, Community Reclamation Project Advisory Committee, United Way Harbor/Southeast Region board of directors, past president and charter member of the LAPD Harbor Lites, continues to serve on the LAPD Crisis Response Team, is the national spokesperson for crime victims and community policing, serves on the L.A. County Human Relations Commission and Sybil Brand Commission.

The list of Eleanor's accomplishments, sacrifices, donations and commitments to her community is too lengthy to list them all.

As a wife and mother of four, Eleanor worked full time to help support her family while serving her community.

Her insight, expertise and compassion in crisis intervention and outreach programs has been beneficial to the quality of life in her community. She serves as a role model and mentor to so many of our men, women and youth in the Harbor Area and continues to do so. I for one am truly grateful for the impact she has made on my life and in my community.


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Kabira Stokes

Kabira Stokes, Creator of Isidore Electronics Recycling & Community Leader, is certainly Angeleno of the Year.  Not only does she have a record of accomplishment in environmental change and a new generation of leadership, but her latest venture has combined her passions into a business that creates social good.  Isidore Electronics Recycling provides electronic recycling services to Los Angeles residents, businesses and governmental organizations while functioning as an on-the-job training and employment program for previously incarcerated Angelenos who face barriers to employment.  Her vision for what a new economy - and a new Los Angeles - can look like is one worth honoring.  

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Laurie Levenson

Professor Levenson has been teaching "since the Earth cooled" at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. She is a legendary criminal law professor. She lives the legend every day of her life. Her help in proving the innocence of a man imprisoned for over a decade, Mr. Kash Register, serves to validate this legend. 

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Honerable Robert Farrell, ret.

I would like to nominate former city councilman Robert Farrell and his wife Windy Barnes-Farrell, for their on going involvement in the civic affairs and the cultural arts in the city of Los Angeles.

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Chuck Davis

Not only has Chuck run and sold two successful internet businesses in the past decade in Los Angeles but in 2013 Chuck was the international Chairman of YPO, Young President Organization. YPO has approximately 20,000 members worldwide - those members run companies who whose revenues represent approximately 10%+ of worldwide GDP. Chuck was a great ambassador for Los Angeles all over the world this past year and he efforst should be applauded.

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Placido Domingo

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Nancy P. Mantero Age 82

Nancy Born In the Ukraine Lived in Argentina  Seamstress for mink Furrier and costume designer,travel to US. Worked as a Maid and Machinist.Lived in the San Fernando Valley from 1966 till present . Nancy Begun the Argentine Association in East La Boyle Av.  International House,later developed the Argentine Club and taught Folk dancing social network.She Made costumes for La Opera Figaro Herman Pellayo,Zubin Metha, and the Pacific theater In Glendale  her contribution is to Keep young adults interested in the arts . Nancy Became Dance director Ukrainian Spirit Dance Co and for 16 Year she Molded many lives who are grateful to her strength Hard Work in addition she Cooked and provided good nutrition to Her Two children as a single mom,participated at Tom Bradly's (La Street scene fest for 8 years) built a restaurant Providing Jobs  in Tujunga,she managed it for 6 years ,still traveled to Canada Israel Ukraine Poland and Argentina a Good ambassador to the city, she Loves ;Her home in Los angel's in giving opportunity to children as well as adults taking in Homeless to her home, never quieting  providing Education of history promoting talent,small tokens award were received for her,in performance and her determination to preserve culture. Still all she has done and endured Never Received a Commendation or compensation a Gift of such honor ,Now a Evangelical Cristian she has supported 2:orphanages in Rosarito Mexico and Carransas  led a teem of 80 Russians evangelical Cristian to El Basurero In Ensenada to feed the homeless eating Garbage from what they may find in the Pit, She passed out blankets cloths gift for several years,most donations received directly by her, Take this In consideration of her UN told  contribution to Los Angeles Her web is at and at Her e Mail thank you For Your Time and Consideration MGM Branch production    

NancyAS Nancy, French association football club

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Patricia Alarcón L.A. East Area representative

Ms. Alarcón has a long history of community work. As a representative she has tackled every task, little or big. She is a leader who treats everybody with respect and is always willing to help others. Ms. Alarcón is one of the most commited to serve and inspirational persons I've ever met and a hardworking woman.

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Olga Garay-English

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Mr. Leonardo Lopez

Mr. Lopez is a long time resident of Wyvernwood Apartments, a community he loves.  In the 80's he founded a community based organization named Comite de la Esperanza (Committee of Hope) and since then he has been organizing; helping; marching; and giving to thousands of residents.  In his capacity as President and Founder, he has helped people facing eviction and other renter related injustices.  In recent months, he has organized several religious events here in the community which are traditional in Latin American Countries.  As a result of these events, this community is unique and has been able to hold on to its traditions. This event among others, bring a strong sense of family and community to Wyvernwood.  On 12/24 he held a very successful toy drive, where there were several children who happily received a toy, which probably might have been the only one they received.  Mr. Lopez is a pillar to this community and request he be recognized for his unselfish and tireless efforts. 

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Vera Guerin

Mrs. Guerin recently began her term as President of the Cedars Sinai Board of Governors, capping off a year in which she and her husband, Paul, dedicated two endowed chairs at the hospital - one in pulmonary medicine and one in pediatric neurosurgery.  She was also a moving force behind the creation of the endowed chair in Women's Health during her previous term as president of the Cedars Sinai Women's Guild.  In addition to this support of the sciences, the Guerins are also long time supporters of the arts in our great city.  Finally, 2013 saw the opening of the spectacular Guerin Family Pavilion at the Skirball Center, yet another generous donation by this long time philanthropist.  Los Angeles has long benefited from the presence and generosity of the Guerin family, and 2013 was the greatest year yet.

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Lewis McAdams

The LA River has been ignored, made the butt of jokes, and scoffed at for decades. In 2013 the grand idea of an LA River Park has become a reality, embraced by Angelinos, citizens and elected officials, individuals and businesses, the Army Corps of Engineers, Governor Brown, and Mayor Garcetti alike.

This is due to the tireless work and poetic vision of Lewis McAdams, a poet and social sculptor who has kept the reality of the river and riverlife alive.

The reason LA is a great 21st century city is due to the personal, political and creative leadership of Mr. McAdams. After 25 years, he is The Angelino of the Year.

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Stephen Boax

Stephen Box- Stephen Box has a vision that activates community evolvement and has held together the department of neighborhood empowerment. He volunteered and devoted his time to seeking community participation.

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Lauren Bon

There are very few artists in Los Angeles who have made such a commitment to our city and have helped so many people through her art. Whether its making a stand for cleaning up the brownfield that became Historic LA park at the Cornfields or helping homeless veterans at the VA in Westwood or helping us address the LA River and LA's water history, this artist is one of LA's most helpful citizens...and her work is some of the finest art being made in the world today. Vote for her and insure that art is seen as an important civic activity.

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Jose "Chema "Morales

I Rebeca , nominate Jose for his leadership , initiative and love for the immigrant community. As an artist, activist and all the other roles he takes on for his community. For the last. If.its For Immigrant right, workers rights, right to green space for low income families! He is always there!!! Two years ago it started as vision, today he has develped other artists, and toghether piece by piece the are building a stronger community. Tujeng, Rebeca R.

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Meredith McCarthy (Heal the Bay)

Meredith has been working passionately and tirelessly to affect positive change on issues of water quality for Angelinos.  As Director of Programs, Meredith works to develop Heal the Bay’s prestigious programs including Coastal Cleanup Day, The Angler Outreach Program, Speakers Bureau, Adopt-a-Beach, and Key to the Sea. As part of Heal the Bay’s new Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Environment Initiative, Meredith works with organizations in the Compton Creek watershed to promote community health through environmental health. She sits on the South Bay steering committee for the IRWMP, which gives her an important opportunity to advocate for multi-benefit projects in disadvantaged communities. Meredith is a steering committee member of the Green L.A. Coalition and an active participant in the Urban Ecosystems workgroup. In her free time, Meredith volunteers at her sons' schools, helping to enact a variety of green programs and garnering parental enthusiasm for environmental education and civic responsibility.

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senior lead officer Maligi Nua Jr.

I Vote for officer Nua He has made a tremendous impact on me and my neighborhood, he has gone above and beyond to protect and to serve and trust in the LAPD,

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Rebecca Ninburg aka Demolicious

I nominate Demolicious of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls for encouraging and supporting women to be athletes, and for amazing community service.

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Kathy Sutton

I nominate E.J. Jackson of Jackson Foundation for the thousands of people he provides food for throughout the year. He focuses on the elderly, disabled and impoverished.  Without his support some of these people would go hungry.  He does this out of the goodness of his heart.

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Melody Nava-Head

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Teacher Steve List of Sylmar High and CANGC SFV

I nominate Horticulture Teacher Steve List of Sylmar High in the way North of LA's San Fernando Valley. Steve and I have worked together for years sharing grower donors and he's learned that the more you give the more you get. 'So much so, that now any school or community garden that wants organic vegetable or flower plants can show up at Sylmar's Ag program and fill their Prius, hoop'tee or even, their whole truck for free. You know who you are -- from Pedro to Boyle Hts. and back to Venice. Unlike myself, Steve, the self-proclaimed "Green Republican," can keep his mouth shut and as such has kept his job at LAUSD. Jamie Oliver, who? Additionally, Steve has learned how to navigate the school board, city hall and nonprofit world and has as many as 20 kids working year round (many in their first paid gigs) in the nursery to enable all the other kids in LA the opportunity to learn where their food comes from. Think plugmobs with a month or two of growth on 'em. It works. Steve works. So if you have gotten a flat of peppers or eaten some of those peppers grown in a Highland Park garden from Steve and I, give him a nod. - Mud

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Denny Schneider

Denny Schneider has worked tirelessly to promote safety and modernization of LAX, which is an idea that both respects the treasured neighborhoods surrounding LAX and promotes Los Angeles as a destination city that welcomes visitors from all over the world. His courage, knowledge, and forthright diplomacy have been steady and true, showing all of us that we must be willing to stand firm and insist that this is a city that seeks innovative and lasting solutions that respect the connection between economy, environment, and health. Visitors from around the world should see immediately upon landing at LAX that the city's neighborhoods are here to welcome them.

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I Nominate Steve Lopez from the LA Times

Steve has the wisdom and the guts to write about real Angelinos who rise and shine in their daily lives. He then follows through to help make positive personal contribution. 

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