Harbor Area Volunteer Eleanor Montano

Eleanor Montano has served her community for over 60 yrs volunteering with the LAPD and the County of L.A serving on numerous boards and commissions including LAPD Board of Rights, Hispanic Advisory Council, Community Advisory Council, Youth Authority Advisory Council, Mothers and Men Against Gangs president, Women Against Gun Violence, member of the Community Police Advisory Board, Industrial Planning and Port of Los Angeles Community Advisory Council, Board of Directors with the Wilmington Boys and Girls Club, Rebuild L.A., San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Crime Prevention Specialist, Community Reclamation Project Advisory Committee, United Way Harbor/Southeast Region board of directors, past president and charter member of the LAPD Harbor Lites, continues to serve on the LAPD Crisis Response Team, is the national spokesperson for crime victims and community policing, serves on the L.A. County Human Relations Commission and Sybil Brand Commission.

The list of Eleanor's accomplishments, sacrifices, donations and commitments to her community is too lengthy to list them all.

As a wife and mother of four, Eleanor worked full time to help support her family while serving her community.

Her insight, expertise and compassion in crisis intervention and outreach programs has been beneficial to the quality of life in her community. She serves as a role model and mentor to so many of our men, women and youth in the Harbor Area and continues to do so. I for one am truly grateful for the impact she has made on my life and in my community.


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