Tim Robbins

His work on his Prison Project. His awareness and pure hearted activism toward all fringe populations in LA and around the planet. His totally "non" Hollywood style of quietly and constantly giving back. Small moves that are making a difference that can stand as an example to the possibilities for those in our community coming from a prison population-their families and friends seeing the change. Giving new hope and awareness to those who have never known hope...real hope.He could do so many other things with his "name"-instead he is tightening his own belt-to help make this city..this planet better for those who many choose to forget. We all deserve a second chance...actually as many as we need to find our own light. Tim cares in a way that could only benefit with a little light going the way of his work. Humanity can come in small moves..and add up to big changes. Tim is creating an artistic legacy for generations to come. He is so deserving of this recognition.He has found a true sense of purpose and you can see the love he has for the work in his eyes."Hope is a good thing...perhaps the best of things"-The Shawshank Redemption

Thank you Lizzy Minnis


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