Nancy P. Mantero Age 82

Nancy Born In the Ukraine Lived in Argentina  Seamstress for mink Furrier and costume designer,travel to US. Worked as a Maid and Machinist.Lived in the San Fernando Valley from 1966 till present . Nancy Begun the Argentine Association in East La Boyle Av.  International House,later developed the Argentine Club and taught Folk dancing social network.She Made costumes for La Opera Figaro Herman Pellayo,Zubin Metha, and the Pacific theater In Glendale  her contribution is to Keep young adults interested in the arts . Nancy Became Dance director Ukrainian Spirit Dance Co and for 16 Year she Molded many lives who are grateful to her strength Hard Work in addition she Cooked and provided good nutrition to Her Two children as a single mom,participated at Tom Bradly's (La Street scene fest for 8 years) built a restaurant Providing Jobs  in Tujunga,she managed it for 6 years ,still traveled to Canada Israel Ukraine Poland and Argentina a Good ambassador to the city, she Loves ;Her home in Los angel's in giving opportunity to children as well as adults taking in Homeless to her home, never quieting  providing Education of history promoting talent,small tokens award were received for her,in performance and her determination to preserve culture. Still all she has done and endured Never Received a Commendation or compensation a Gift of such honor ,Now a Evangelical Cristian she has supported 2:orphanages in Rosarito Mexico and Carransas  led a teem of 80 Russians evangelical Cristian to El Basurero In Ensenada to feed the homeless eating Garbage from what they may find in the Pit, She passed out blankets cloths gift for several years,most donations received directly by her, Take this In consideration of her UN told  contribution to Los Angeles Her web is at and at Her e Mail thank you For Your Time and Consideration MGM Branch production    

NancyAS Nancy, French association football club

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